Victoria Montessori and The Montessori Approach

At Victoria Montessori, our program follows the Montessori Philosophy of child development.  The Montessori approach aims to insure the natural development of the whole child, of his physical and emotional faculties, as well as his intellectual powers.  The tasks available to the child in a Montessori-oriented class graduate from the simple to the complex, and the child is free to select work and proceed at his own pace.  By learning in this way, the child gains the self-confidence necessary in the creation of competence.

The teacher is, first of all, an observer of the individual interests and needs of each child, and the daily work proceeds from observations, rather than from a prepared curriculum.  The teacher demonstrates the correct use of materials, carefully watches the progress of each child, and keeps a record of his work with the materials.  The teacher is trained to recognize periods of readiness.  Sometimes diverting a child who chooses material that is beyond his ability; at other times encouraging a child who is hesitant.  Whenever a child makes a mistake, the teacher refrains, if possible, from intervening, and allows the child to discover his own error through further manipulation of the self-correcting material.  This procedure follows Dr. Montessori’s principle that a child learns through experience.

The Montessori classroom is an environment prepared for the child and is traditionally divided into four areas of activities.  The child chooses activities in each area, according to his needs and interests.

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OPEN HOUSES two Saturdays per month. Please call for more details. We invite you to come and “LIVE, LOVE AND LEARN” with us! Discounts and Enrollment Specials Available! Please call us – we would love to meet your child and show you our school!

Victoria Montessori School is NOW ENROLLING!

Victoria Montessori School opened for the School Year in September, 2013. As the children learn at their own individual pace, we will be enrolling year round. We will follow the Edmonds School District for all school holidays and/or closures.